Kale Chips, or, Turning Kale Into AWESOME

Leia thinks the Vitamin C in Kale is good for her eyes, but that's a myth. Silly dog.

I have a secret: my dog likes kale more than I do. She will eat a chicken bone right off of the street and swallow the whole damn thing if no one stops her, but when it comes to vegetables, she super has me beat for healthy eating. There are weeks when I eat more cookies than anything else. (Cookies are kind of food, right?)

This makes me a Bad Vegetarian.

Whatever though!!! I’m human, and I don’t have to just eat raw discarded kale stems. We can smother our food in salt and fat. These kale chips were SO GOOD. And so simple. And so delicious. Hell yeah.


I don’t know if these things are healthy or not. They don’t taste like they’re good for you. According to Nutrition Diva, they are; they just have a little less Vitamin C than if you had steamed them or something.

To be honest, though, I don’t really care. Me and kale are having a moment.

The instructions are really easy. (You can read the recipe at Kristin’s Favorite Recipes.)



Start with a bunch of kale, carefully rinsed. Remove the stems and ribbing. Shred leaves into smaller pieces. Pour some oil into a bowl, mix in your spices (Kristin’s recipe recommends ginger, paprika and chili powder, but you can experiment). Coat the kale leaves with oil and spread thinly on a pan. Bake in the oven at 250 degrees for about 25-30 minutes, or until crisp.

 When you’re done, the discarded kale stems can go into your compost. Or into the stomach of your friendly neighborhood dog. I know mine enjoyed them.

Leia enjoys Vitamin K the most
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2 Responses to Kale Chips, or, Turning Kale Into AWESOME

  1. tito travels says:

    I’m a dog who likes fruits and vegetables too! My favorites are watermelon and pineapple, btu the one thing I don’t like is arugula. I bet I’d like these kale chips

  2. Intriguing, I may try that myself.

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