Nutty Cow Cheese Is the Shiz

Holy cow, you guys! Nutty Cow Cheese is coming out next month, and I’m really excited for it, because it is by far the best cheese-substitute I have ever had.

Granted, there’s not a lot of competition. Nutty Cow Cheese could be way ahead of the field just by tasting not-awful. But they went one step further: it tastes GOOD. It tastes good, and there’s no nasty soy aftertaste.

The best brand I have tried previously is Daiya. The highest praise I have for them is that, if used sparingly and with a lot of other ingredients, you can mask the mildly revolting aftertaste and it has a neutral presence. I wouldn’t dream of eating Daiya plain.

But Nutty Cow Cheese tastes good by itself. I’m sure it’s also good in recipes, which you can find on their Web site, but more importantly, I would eat it right out of the jar. (I’m a very lazy person, so this is a big plus.) It is soft, spreadable, and comes in three equally good flavors: ricotta, which is plain and faintly sweet; garlic herb, a tangier variation on the ricotta; and maple pecan, which is sweeter. I tested it on my father, to whom all soy products are anathema, and even he liked it.

Does Nutty Cow taste like cheese? No, not particularly. But does it taste good? Hell yes.

And I don’t think that not tasting like cheese is a problem. As I suggested in a previous post (, I think it’s time that cheese substitutes were liberated from cheese. This is a new epicurean artform, so why should it be fettered by what came before it? Why torture soy into something it’s not? Nutty Cow uses cashews as a base, which I’m guessing is why it tastes miles and miles better than Daiya. Maybe it also helps, in a way, that Cara Paiuk, the genius behind it, is not vegan herself, so she remembers what good food tastes like. (Just kidding.)

Anyway: the point is, everyone who is vegan or lactose intolerant, or just a fan of trying new things, should buy Nutty Cow when it comes out next month. You can follow them on Facebook for more details on its release:

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3 Responses to Nutty Cow Cheese Is the Shiz

  1. Carole Gail Gaynor says:

    good luck guys! hope it is a smashing sucsess for you.

  2. syoussiem says:

    Great write-up—-

  3. Congrats on this, guys! I’m not sure what your entire ingredient list is, but you may want to market this to non-dairy paleo people as well as vegans! Cheers and love! 🙂

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